Nikita Rise & Roman Akrill – One More Step

LuPSRec 141 brings Russian producer duo Nikita Rise & Roman Akrill to the surface. Their track One More Step is a Prog Tech Trance track with a raw edge flavour. The track takes of with a pumping groove with crispy percussion. After a 30 second an epic syntline drops in. All along the way Nikita & Roman are inserting all kinds of raw syntlines to create a wide and strong sounding landscape of sounds which leads to a big buzzing sounds halfway the track which makes this track is a peaktime bomb.First remix comes from Neel V. What he did with the Original is very interesting. He created a kind of off beat rhythmpattern which instantly grabs you. On to he placed all the Original samples i such a clever way that you are listening to a complete new track with the same elements as the Original. Of course this is what remixing is all about but with this remix Neel proves to be a producer to keep an eye on in the near future. If you can create such tracks then you know how things are working.

The last remix comes from Israelian duo Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani, They created a big room Prog Trance remix which travels at the speed of light. Expect all the usual Prog Trance elements like a devastating groove, long layers of sounds, a spacey epic breakdown and crispy driving percussion to make you feel flying.

Release date: January 23rd, 2013