LuPS Records it’s 102nd release brings NET SON aka Shahin Ibrahimov from Baku, Azerbaijan. His Original track called XMR is a downtempo somehow melancholic track.  A laidback rhythm structure and a deep bassline are creating a great contrast with the lovely lushy melodylines and dreamy pads. This is a perfect chill out tune on a hot summernight.

The first remix comes from Amurgit. His remix of XMR contains a real cool groove. This more industrial Tech House contains some freaky fx’s and crunchy synthstabs, arps and loops and organic drumsnippets. This is a nononse remix with a perfect drive and warm up potential.

The second remix comes from Enrique Echd. His remix is more uptempo and far more danceable then the Original. Some rather crispy percussion gives this remix an intense drive and feel. Combined with some solid syntstab work, well placed fx’s and eerie dreamy pads this remix surely does it’s work on the dancefloor.

The third remix comes from Artful Dice. This remix is more on the commercial side. It contains a rocksolid kickdrum and a warm wobbly bassline. On top you’ll find the more mainstream synthstabs and melodylines but without becoming to cheesy. Artful Dice managed to add some warmth and depth to his remix. Crispy and yet fragile percussionlines are rounding it all up.

The last remix comes from Electric Calm. His Okinawa Sunset Remix remix is also more towards the commercial side.  It really capatures a feel good vibe. Some well chosen arps and synthsounds are creating a breathing and summerish atmosphere. The breakdown has been welldone. For sure thsi remix get’s the women on the dancefloor.

Release date: August 29th, 2012