Net Son – This Is Me

LuPSRec 144 brings a new track by Net Son aka Shahin Ibrahimov. His track This Is Me is an fragile eclectic track which covers a few genres of todays electronic music.  Shahin tried to bind all his influences together to create an emotional and moody track. The Original kicks of with a beatpattern with some crispywell placed percussion elements. On top of this beatpattern Shahin put all sorts of fragile tiny melodylines which are telling a story about his inspirations. A breakable and fragile track is the endresult.

The 1st remix comes from Polish producer Tuxedo. He took one of the melodylines and constructed a more uptempo track with a summerish feel and great lushy vibe which puts you into a dancing mood. A bold and warm bassline is topping it all of. This is a superb warming up tune or a perfect soothing after hour party track to reset your mind.The 2nd remix comes from PRT Stacho. His re-interpretation of This Is Me contains a more minimal groove with a huge sleazy bassline. This is a chugging spooky track which puts you into hypnotic mindstate. Don’t get paranoid.

Release date: December 19th, 2012