Neon Logic – Rhyme & Reason

Neon Logic has been playing his own small role in the electronic music scene for nearly 10 years and has continually pushed his own limits in production of the downtempo & glitchy tech-house that is his namesake. Now Neon Logic makes his debut on LuPS Records with a strong Tech House track.

The Original is a pumping tech edge track with crispy percussion and an oh so catchy wistle theme the sneaks into musical brainsection where it will stuck for ever.

The 12 Months Later Mix is nothing more then a rocksolid rework by Neon Logic himself done exactly one year later. This rework sure does it’s work on the dancefloor, not only becuase it has a great retro feel (like the good old Moby tracks)but it also contains a very catchy organ anthem halfway the track. A sure shot.

Pierre Sebastiano delivers a devil in disguise remix. His remix kicks of with a breakbeat rhythmpattern and slightly but sure this remix builds up to a great break. After that the arrangement turns into a solid 4 to the floor track with a pumping baseline. Hands in the air.

James Ryan teamed up with his mate Andrew Johnson and they decided to start up their blender in order to squeeze out a more then druggy remix. Like a shot this remix goes straight into your veins and does it work pretty well there. This is a true type stroboscope tune for the peaktime hours. Success guaranteed.

And last but surely not least Silence’O’Phobia shows up with a pumping, bouncing. stomping stoned groove with crispy percussion and a great use of the samples. This remix is a great example of the eclectic style of this Hungarian talent.