Neel V – The Orcale EP

LuPS Records it’s 114th release brings Neel V. He is delivering a two track EP which including the tracks The Oracle and 1981.  The track 1981 is a Deep House based track with a superb pumping bassline which gives the track a perfect drive and feel. Combined with some good old organ stabs and swirrling morphed and filtered arps this is a great setopener or warming up tune.

The other Original called The Oracle contains a more ethnic and tribal feel. A bold kickdrum and a bubbling bassline with some great tribalpercussion is pushing the track forwards a breathtaking breakdown with filtered ethnic female voices. Halfway the breakdown a epic synthriff get’s a life which evokes a hands in the air moment until the moment that the tracks takes of again. A peaktime hour bomb.

The first remix comes from Hungarian producer Péter Mészáros aka Peter Meatman. His breaks re-interpretation goes rather deep and contains a emotional moody feel. The ethnic female voices are beautifuly intergrated into the broken beats and new melodylines. All together this a very fine chill out track.

The second remix comes from Argentian producer Charly Aguada. His remix takes of with a firm kickdrum and some beautifull crafted soundtextures and layers. Halfway the intro a deep bassline kicks in and then the groove has been set and done. All along towards the break new elements are being introduced. When the break appears the ethnic female vocals are being introduced together with a spacey morphed trumpetsound. Towards the end of the track Charly even introduced some acidic elements to round it all up. Conclusion: a very strong and interesting remix by this relative new producer.

Release date: September 12th, 2012