Neel V – Secret Garden

LuPSRec 160 brings another track by Neel Visavadia. His track Secret Garden is slightly different then his former releases on LuPS. No ethnic female vocals this time but sitarriffs, fragile pianoparts, humming birds and other rainforest noises. Everything has been placed on a steady dark Tech House rhythm with a few hypnotic arploops and shimmering pads. This track surely shows you the road toward the secret garden around the corner.

The frist remixes comes from one of Poland’s finest upcoming producers E.F.G.. His remix is somehow similair and close to the style of East Cafe. It contains long moody and dreamy pads, a loose rhythmstructure and tiny¬†fragile percussion. This all leads to a breathtaking breakdown section with an unmeasurable depth filled up with breakbeats, foggy pads and spacey soundscapes. This is a timeless piece of music and a musthave for all those good old prog house lovers.

Last remix comes from Charly Aguada. His remix kicks of with a big bassdrum and crispy percussion. On top Charly placed the moody pads, the humming birds rainforest fx’s and tiny synth stabs. All together this leads to a more chilling and relaxing Deep Prog House tune for those late night hours.

Release date: April 17th, 2013