Neel V – Return To Inanna

LuPSRec 153 brings back Neel V with a solid original track called Return To Inanna. The track kicks of with a chunky and danceable rythmstructure which is stuffed up with crispy percussion and a catchy bassline. While the track develops Neel introduces all kind of deep moody sounds and eerie synthlayers. On top he place his famous ethnic Indian woman vocalsnippets. All together the end result is a dreamy, moody and foggy piece of Prog House like only Neel can create it.

The first remix comes from Bulgarian producer Andro V. who makes his debut on the label with a very interesting remix. His remix contains a sleazy vibe with a very danceable East European groove. He also inserted a deep warm and bold bassline which really pushes this track forward. Besides that this bassline works like a magnet and it drags people  to the dancefloor for sure. A handfull of bleepy sounds are rounding up this sperb warming up tune.

The second remix comes from AudioStorm. Ogjen Vukovic is quickly carving himself a niche into today’s Progscene with his outstanding productions. Each track he lays his hands on for remixing are turning into something rocksolid and danceable. His remix of Return Of Inanna is no exception. Ogjnen knows exactly how to combine atmospheric sounds with a catchy and danceable groove. A true gift and unique in his own kind.

The last remix comes from Napalm. Napalm his remix turned out into a swirlling, hypnotic and more trancey re-interpretation. Long layers with outerspace sounds and fx. The ethnic female vocals are more pronounced here and together with a few new leadlines it all causing a great catchy atmosphere for becoming a peaktime hour track with a great drive.

Release date: April 3rd, 2013