Napalm – Star Trails EP

The 172 th release on LuPS Records sees the return of Napalm. This time he delivers again a solo EP with 3 more Deep Prog House orientated tracks. First track up is Intro and is precisely what the title says, an intro track. Napalm combined a very deep vibraphone stab with lushy pads and crispy percussion. For the first 4 minutes this track doesn’t have a kickdrum and it just builds and builds. Then when the kickdrum drops in the track takes of and is creating a moody foggy vibe. Superb setstarter.

The second track on this EP is called Deepness. The track kicks of with a crispy beatstructure and a warm bassline. Also here Napalm shows his abbilty to create warm sounding atmospheric tracks with a great drive and feel. Despite the lovely feeling of this track it just rocks and pumps because of a very well produced bassline which pushes the track forward. This is diving into the deep stuff!

The last track on this EP is the titletrack called Star Trails. This more downtempo moody track matches perfectly with this time of the year. It contains a foggy, lushy and fairytail atmosphere. In other words welcome to the autumnseason with it’s red and yellow coloured woods, shimmering chilly evenings with campfires and a warm blanket. A perfect track for watching the falling stars at night.

Release date: October 16th, 2013