Napalm – Passport EP

Napalm is back with 3 original tracks which all capturing that typical gloomy Napalm sound.
The title track called Passport is a floating, dreamy and spacey track with lots of depth and emotion. It surely hits the right spot and takes you on a mindless and weightless voyage through time and space.

The second track on this EP is called Code. The track kicks of with an infectious percussion groove. After 30 seconds a majestic synthline drops in. Then when the bassline hits the track the whole track comes alive. Surely when the angelic and fragile melodylines are showing up and together with the clubby organstab you know that you are dealing with a peaktime hour floorfiller. Fasten your seatbells for a fast drive.

The last track on this EP is called Good Night. This track is more laidbakc and contains a moody and foggy atmosphere. A gorgreous filtered arpline in the background creates a dreamy and hypnotic atmosphere whilst the fx’s are causing a magical and fairytail feel. This is a perfect afterhour track which easing up a hard day at work.

Release date: June 12th, 2013