Napalm – Evolution EP

It is time for a new Napalm EP. Once again Nanai Pal shows that he is a producer to look after. This EP is filled with 3 gorgeous and atmospheric tracks. Firts up is the titletrack Evolution. Evolution contains a steady pounding prog groove which has been combined with moody synthlines, gloomy arppegio’s and a couple of trancy leadlines. This track goes deep and takes you beyond your imagination.

Second track up is Ice Heart. This track just oozes and it contains a lot of depth and space. It inhales and breaths ice cold artic winds. Just a perfect warming up tune or a perfect afterparty track.

Last track on this EP is Unstoppable. The track kicks of with a kind of cripsy disco percussion loop but pretty quick a majestic haunting sythnlayer drops in followed up by a superb bassline. On top all sorts of fx’s and synthstabs are flying in and out. This all leads to an unstoppable track with a energetic stop with creating tracks that are hitting the right spot.

Release date: April 10th, 2013