Napalm – Daylight

LuPSRec 112 contains another Napalm release. This time it is a solo track called Daylight. Daylight is a dreamy and very atmospheric track with long woven spacey pads, bubbling apreggio’s, swirling synthlines with a hypnotic touch. The huge drive of the track makes this a perfect track for a very late at night hour drive on the highway at full speed seeing at the break of dawn in front of you.The first remix comes from Neel V. He turned the Original into a more uptempo track which captures the same flavour as the original track but with a more acidic twist. Heading towards the breakdown things are getting more lovely and moody when Neel introduces a few new fragile melodylines.

The second remix comes from Peres. He stripped down the Original track and rebuild it in a more modern minimal prog way towards a superb climax breakdown. Alltough the fact that this remix is just 12.00 minutes long you don’t get bored because Peres is introducing new elements at the right moments. The breakdown is fragileĀ and tensed and when it all get’s back together the track just explode with a gorgeous new arpline. A sure shot.

The last remix comes from Paul Kortinez. Once again he kept it close to the Original version and added some more Tech House elements which gives this remix a betterĀ drive, vibe and feel.

Release date: December 5th, 2012