Napalm & d-phrag – 43 pt1

It is time for perhaps one of LuPS Records most anticipating releases to date. LuPSRec 120 pt1 brings a collab track between upcoming talent Napalm and established Bulgarian DJ d-phrag. Their track 43 is a superb grinding prog house track with a big room vibe, which surely does it work at peaktime hour. 43 contains well chosen synthriffs and stabs on top of a pumping steamy groove. The arped bassline is really pushing the track towards a stunning breakdown which is a crossover between Trance and Prog. The breakdown has been build up securely and when everything gets back together the vibe and flow is still there. All together this track is a perfect promising debut for this new duo.

The first remix comes from Ewan Rill. He turned the Original into a monsterous track which kicks off with a slappy growling bassline and a lushy groove. You can feel the tension that Ewan has been building from the intro. All along the way this remix develops into a huge danceable steamy piece of pure Prog House that doesn’t let you go. A bomb and a sure shot on the dancefloor.

The second remix comes from F-Act. This Swiss master of the more Tech Prog House delivers once again a quality remix whcih captures the so spcific F-Act groove and build up. A pumping and pounding groove as backbone and on top all sorts of long reverb fx’s, synthslayers, spacey pads and crispy percussion. All perfectly balanced. This is the late night hour remix to keep a party going.

The last remix comes from Reelaux. His re-interpretation of the Original is more Tech House bassed and cntains a huge groove with an energetic drive. Reelaux has stripped down the Original to the bone and only used the key elements of the Original to build on version in his own unique way. Catchy short syntstabs, a wobbly bassline and a pounding kickdrum with solid percussion are causing a peaktime hour bomb.

Release date: October 31st, 2012