Napalm – Cocktail EP

LuPSRec 125 brings another release from the gifted and versatile producer Napalm. This time it is a 3 track EP with originals only, called Cocktail. This EP contains a fine blend of tracks which exposes the more deeper side of Napalm.

The first track called Love Song is a beautiful crafted masterpiece and contains a warm soothing atmosphere. The flow and vibe and the subtle build up towards a stunning piano breakdown is breathtaking. This track is way to cool. A perfect warming up tune.

The second track on this EP is called Lake Placid and explores the deeper Tech House side of Napalm. A rather cool bumpy groove with a few great percussionlines and a deep buzzing bassline are causing a danceable atmosphere. On top of this groover Napalm added all sorts of exotic atmospheric soundlayers and fx’s.

The last track on this EP is called Colors Of My Dreams. This track kicks off with a pretty lucid and liquid atmosphere. After 30 seconds a catchy bassline drops in which has been combined with a sleazy groove. Then the track takes off and starting to build a magical and mellow ambiance with it’s vocodered sytnhlines and fx’s. In other words another great setstarter.

Release date: January 2nd, 2013