Napalm – Angel EP

LuPS it’s 117th release brings a new multi-talent to the surface. With his well received track Long Journey on the Spread It Till I Die Sampler earlier this year it is now time for the first full release of Napalm. As many of you know there must be something in the Hungarian water as many well know prog house producers are coming out of this country. One of them has been hide for a long time, but now he is just there!
Nanai Pal brings the Angel EP. An EP with two gorgeous Originals. The first Original track is called Angel and contains a rocksolid drive, a breathtaking soundscape and mystic atmosphere. Some tiny catchy synthstabs are causing a hypnotic effect whilst eerie synthriffs are creating a foggy atmosphere.

The first remix comes from Kanov. He turned the Original into a steamy Tech House track with a growling bassline, raw synths riffs and some dirty fx’s. a hands in the air breakdowm is making it all complete. This is a peaktime hour bomb.

The second remix comes from label owner Jacco@Work.  He kept it close to the Original but added a deeper bassline and some acidic fx’s and crispy driving percussion. All together he managed to create a very danceable remix.

The last remix of Angel comes from Paul Kortinez. Not much is known about him but his remix is a fine piece of prog house art. It contains a deeper more moody feel with a touch of Tech House. Also this remix is a peaktime hour bomb.

The second Original track on this release is called Peacemaker. Also here Napalm shows his strength. A well overthought arrangement and a blended of perfectly chosen synthlines are creating a breathing and timeless track. With a touch of Trance this tune is just amazing from the first note till the end. With a solid percussion backbone, awarm bassline and a gorgeous breakdown this is the perfect setstarter. Deep, appealing and emotional.

The first remix comes from one of Poland finest producers CJ Art. He delivers a dark re-interpretation. A deep dark bassline line and some growling synth are setting the pace for a haunting and spooky tune that doesn’t let you go and makes you think that you are listening to Pink Floyd on drugs. Once you are in you won’t get out. With a couple a cool female spoke words you are ready to take off for a trip into space.

The second remix comes from Loquai. It is remarkable how Konstantin is keeping up with the quality all the time. Once again he delivers a pure gem. This remix shines like a 14 karat diamond. With a stunning intro Loquai instantly grabs the attention of the listener. Bubbling sounds, reverb stabs, a cool bassline and the always consitent beatstructure are creating a timeless piece of art that stays hot for a long time.

The last remix comes from Paul Kortinez again. This time Paul kept it close to the Original. He simply made a re-arrangement of the Original and added a more pronounced groove which gives the track a lot of extra power.

More Napalm releases will appear in the upcoming months.

Release date: October 24th, 2012