Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani – In Motion

It is time for a new release of the hard working Israelian duo Rafael Osmo and Hezi Rachmani. They return to the label with another strong track called In Motion. The Original kicks of with a clean Tech House groove which gets filled up all along the way with a gritty chugging bassline, a couple of reversed synthsstabs and arped sounds. This all leads to a deep dark pumping and steamy grooving track for building up your set in a decent and neat way.

The first remix comes from Stanisha. His remix is once again a masterpiece of how to use the original samples in the most creative way. A somehow weird rhythmpattern is taking off from the first note up the end which Stanisha filled it up with a great swinging bassline and cripsy percussion sections, reverbed and delayed synthstabs a hypnotic pad and voxsnippets. This remix is just simply oozing and enchanting. It really puts you into trance and makes you fly away into time and space. Another gem from the Serbian.

The last remix comes from fast rising talent Robert R. Hardy. His remix of In Motion is one to keep an eye on. It contains a gloomy laidback feel and groove with a gorgeous bassline and a fragile magical touch with tiny addtional melodysections and a new theme. You can hear that Robert knows what he is doing as he really managed to create a soultouching emotional atmosphere which sneaks under your skin. Top notch remix from this relative newcomer.


Release date: May 21st, 2014