Mitaric – Neith

LuPSRec 207 brings Mitaric to the label. After a few releases on labels like Electronic Tree, Proton Limited, 3rd Avenue and Reelaux Mitaric now brings another solid track. The Original version contains an old school Moroderised arped bassline like the one in Donna Summer – I Feel Love. Together with tight well programmed percussion it all turns out into a great swinging groove. On top Mitaric placed a handfull of synthstabs, an extra bassstab, fx’s and an a few eerie spacey pads. The Original version is a solid setbuilder.

The first remix comes from a trio called Silk Rd. They are delivering a more Tech House bassed remix with a stomping groove and more filtered and morphed synthstabs. This gives the track a more raw and freaky feeling.

The second remix comes from Deriwer. He gave his remix a very solid drive. The crispy percussion is pushing his remix forwards at the speed of light whilst the huge bold and warm bassline those the rest. Together with the synthstabs and bubbling arplines from the original version Deriwer managed to create a huge steamy Prog Tech House peaktime stomper. Rocksolid remix.

The last remix comes from the man who is on fire lately. His name is everywhere without an overkill or loss of quality. The Yuriy From Russia Remix of Neith is another magical shinny and gloomy gem. Yuriy drowned his remix into a smooth and silky bath and added a few very spacial and touching pads to create a gorgeous and magical fairytail atmosphere. Once again another 1st class remix.

Release date: March 12th, 2014