Mindshield – The Right Way EP

LuPS Records it’s 121th release is a two track ep by Argentian producer Mindshield. The title track is a Prog House track with some influences of Trance. It kicks of with a rather deep kickdrum and a bold, soothing warm bassline. On top a few spacey pads has been placed to create a relaxing but yet hypnotic atmosphere. Halfway the track during the breakdown a simple but effective arpsound gets introduced. Then when it all gets back together the track takes off with a pitchshifted bassline and some long woven sounds which are going up and down.The first remix coems from Constan. Again Constan managed to create a remix with an uptempo feel. Also here his remix takes of at the speed of light with a gorgeous groove with a dazzling spacey feel. A one stab bassline pushes the track into the right direction. Long layers of sounds are creating a weightless feel. This remix just breaths air and it is¬†swirling around like a feather in the sky on a lazy summer afternoon.

The last remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work and Greger. They’ve teamed for a more mainstream remix. Their remix contains a clubby Mediterranean groove. On top they’ve placed the long layers of sounds and a handfull tweaked samples from the original version. Together this is causing a hypnotic feel.

As bonustrack Mindshield delivers Swirls & Loops. This track takes you back into time and could be a remake of Pole Folder & CP РApollo Vibes. Anyway it proves that Mindshield knows the roots of Progressive House. Swirls & Loops is a deep beautiful and relaxing tune for a late night hour highway cardrive. It contains all the right elements for being a perfect setstarter.

Release date: November 21st, 2012