Mindshield – Neron

The 184th release on LuPS sees the return of Mindshield. His Original track contains a lushy and moody atmosphere with a Deep House feel and vibe. Crispy clear and groovy percussionlines has been combined with a warm simple but yet effective bassline. In the background you’ll find a deep bubbling arpline which gives the track a hypnotic edge. Together with the oldschool synthstabs and a more pronouced arpline this Original is a great track for those very late night hours

.The first remix comes from Emanuel Begnis. His remix has been produced crsipy clear and just goes deeper then deep. All sorts of eerie spacey synthstabs are flying by on top of a laidback deep groove. The contrast between the sounds in this remix is just amazing. Compared to the Original this remix is even better for those chill out late night hours on the sofa.

The second remix comes from JP Abbash. His remix contains a solid deep dreamy groove with a couple of hypnotizing elements. Indeed these elements are the repetitive arplines and the resonanting bassline. Also in this remix the spaced out fairytale atmosphere during the breakdown is breathtaking and amazing.

The last remix sees the debut of Jonatan Ramonda on the label. His remix is one to look after. Jonatan created a majestic groove which he combined with a acidic arpline that has been filtered very well during the track. It gives this remix a raw edged epic flavour for a proper peaktime hour set. In other words a remix which sets a good vibe on the dancefloor for sure. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Release date: November 6th, 2013