Matrick – Treats And Threats EP

LuPS 47th release brings back Matrick. This very talented productive Russian guy already have a string of releases on several labels around the globe. The releases of Matrick are always a big surprise. This time the angle is more Tech House and Italo minded.

The Original version of The Air Sea sounds like an 80’s Italo Disco track. This track is a great mixture of styles and really represents the wide range and taste of Matrick. This is feel good music which makes you longing for a long hot summer.

The 1st remix of The Air Sea comes from Aber. He turned the Original even more into an 80’s groover. If you didn’t knew better you would think that you are listening to a instumental version of an early Madonna or Cindy Lauper track.

The 2nd remix comes from Guido Percich. When you as this guy for a remix you never know what he will deliver. This times Guido explores the depth of your soul. A moody vibe is the main ellement of this beautiful remix with a lot of extra pads and melodies.

The Original of Treats And Threats is a Tech House stormer to the max.
A firm kickdrum and thight percussion does the job here. Together with a dirty filthy baseline and a dreamy arpped bellsound this track puts you into a higher state. A sure shot.

The remix of Treats And Threats has been done by a new talent from Belgium called Robert Solva. He managed to give is own personal view on the Original. This is remix is a deep, trippy, dreamy and floating piece of progressive for the late night after hours.