Matias Mannelli – Aroma

LuPS it’s 126th release brings Matias Mannelli from Argentina. Matias delivers a hypnotic track with lots of depth and space. The track kicks of with a filtered percussion loop and a raw synthstab and some metal percussion. After 30 seconds when the kickdrum drops in Matias managed to build a dark pounding groove that just seems to swell up more and more all along the track. All sorts of soundeffects and tweaked and filtered stabs are flying in and out to create an eerie and  freaky atmosphere.  The breakdown is in just one word spooky and when the kickdrum gets back in there isn’t no way that you are able to escape from this mysterious druggy and haunting track that just never seems to stop.The one and only remix comes from Matias fellow countrymate Guido Percich. Guido took a different road. He created a more friendly and dreamy track which seems to breath. Airy soundscapes and long synthlayers are creating a foggy mystical atmosphere, whilst a great tribalgroove leads in to the deep dark forest.

Release date: October 10th, 2012