Matias Chilano – Long Experience EP part 1

Well what to say about this new breed talent from Argentina? This guy is gifted with a natural feel for rhythm and melodies to create just monster tunes. This is part 1 of a 3 step release.

Long Experience is just what the names says, a long experience into the depths of prog house. Here a steady groove combined has been combined with some filtered pads wihitch drags you into exstacy and before you know 12 minutes has been passed and you are still longing for more.

The remixes has been done by Poland rising star Quarrel who gives the original his magic melodic twist, whilst Jacco@Work keeps it close to the original but adds his steady percussion trademarks.

Minor is just another swirling track with carries the typical Matias beatloops. Once again Aber is on remix duties here and he delivers again a superb dancefloor killer. To complete this release Redloft added a few new delicate elements and melodies to the original which makes it very usefull for a warm up set.