Martin Andrioli – Happy Habits

The 297 th release on LuPS brings an original from Martin Andrioli. Hailing from Argentina Martin brings a classic prog house track with a deep oozing moody vibe and flow.

The track contains an tranqualizing¬†atmosphere with subtile melodylines, fragile sounds and arped synthlines. And oh don’t forget the stunning epic breakdownsection.
The first remix comes from the duo Alejo Gonzalez & Max Blade. They deliver a version close to the original but with a more pronouced rhythmstruture which gives this version a more dacefloor friendly drive.
To top this release of the last remix comes from Volkan Erman. This producer doens;t need no introduction any longer as he carved himself a niche into today prog house scene with his steady string of release. Volkan delivers a proper deep atmospheric remix with a mature beatstructure and a fairytail fantasy adventure of sounds and melodies.