Marta Kodo – Tomorrow Tomorrow EP

The 198th release on LuPS brings a 2 track EP from Marta Kodo aka David Coates. Hailing from Australia, David delivers two more Deep House orientated tracks with heavy tribal influences. Tomorrow Tomorrow contains a downtempo rhytm with a summerisch laidback feel and groove. A deep bassstab has been combined with deep marimba sounds and tiny fragile flute melodylines. This track is a great setstarter.

The other track called Who Is What. Also this track has a more chill out and laidback feeling but is just a slightly more rougher.  It contains a steady groove with a pretty deep basssound. On top David placed morphed and rotating organ melodylines and whispering female voxsnippets which gives it just a little extra.

Release date: April 30th, 2014