Mariano Pompeo – Unreal World Ep

LuPSRec 146 sees the return of Mariano Pompeo. This Argentian producer is slightly carving himself a nice into today’s Prog/Tech House scene with his crossoverstyle. Mariano is managing the ability to blend styles and sounds together into a unique sound tracks. Unreal World is again no exception. The track kicks of with a simple but effective rhythmstructure. Then after 30 seconds a big raw tweaked synthstab is knocking on the door. Then 30 seconds later a chunky and funky bassline hits the speakers and turns the track into a sleazy danceable groove which simply doesn’t stop. After a short epic break Mariano inserts a small extra synthstab to just top it all off.The first remix comes from Dutch duo Analog Effect. After their well received release Rambutan on LuPS in November 2012 they are back with another superb grooving track. Once again those masters of Techfunk created an irrestitable groove. On top they’ve placed the original samples and an additional arpline which really gives this remix the right boost and flow. This is another sureshot.

The last remix of Unreal World comes from another Dutchman called Jaap Ligthart. He kept his remix close to the original but created a whole new deeper and darker groove with some raw edge flavour in the sawbassline and a handfull of tweaked eerie synthstabs and pads.

The other Original and extra track on this EP is called Destiny. Bassed upon an old school Disco groove Mariano showcases his talent to create steamy but yet fragile sounding tracks with all sorts of influences. The earcatching element in this track are the eerie sounding female outerspace voxes whcih has been combined with a swirlling synthline. This is a feel good track which just suits perfect in a warming up set.

Release date: January 30th, 2013