Mariano Pompeo – Raptor EP

LuPS 084th release sees the return of Argentina producer Mariano Pompeo. Again he delivers a two track EP with two more Tech House orientated track. The Original of Raptor is a dark track. With a rather growling bassline and some solid pumping percussion this is a no-nonsense track. Surely when along the way some industrial noises, sweeps  and elements are infinding itself a place to build a steady groove. This track is for those late night hours.

The remix comes from Hungarian talent Deriwer. He managed to keep the original groove alive but he added some more refined mellow elements to his remix. This makes the track more suitable for a warm up set.

The second Original is called ID. ID is another no-nonsense track with a heavy weight bassline that does the job here. Together with some simple but effective synthstabs this is just a steamy track.

The remix comes again from Deriwer. Again he refines the raw sound of the Original by adding some more mellow ingredients and a more distinctive bassline. A great warming up tune.