Mariano Pompeo – Orbit EP

LuPS it’s 106th release brings back Mariano Pompeo. Mariano is delivering a 2 track EP with a Tech House feel.
The titletack is a more downtempo track with crispy percussion and a dark resonating bassline combined with a bright bellsounds and swirling arps and a soaring synthriff.

The Ktober Music remix is more minimal and more Techno bassed. A steady groove sets the pace for a dark and spooky ride. This remix is specially for those very late night hours where it does it’s job very well.

The other Original track is called Satellite and contains a lushy clubby groove and some mellow pads and chords which makes this track a good setbuilder early in the evening.

The Ktober Music remix contains a discoloop which gives this remix a perfect drive. Also here you’ll find the mellow pads and chords and even some pianostabs. This remix contains a jazzy feel.

Release date: October 24th, 2012