Manufactura Deep – Lost Force

It is time for the debut of Manufactura Deep on LuPS Records. After a couple of releases on labels like Balkan Connection, Bermudos and Green Snake it is now time for LuPS to showcase the talent of Denis Pchelovodov. His track Lost Force is just one big journey along the stars. With it’s 12 minutes it might be a bit long for a set but the indulging and soulpiercing atmosphere of the track makes you forget everything. A hypnotic arp bellsound, spaced out foggy pads, a sleazy rhythm and a couple of great fx’s are creating a mindless and blissfull adventure through time and space. This is not an average track but one that sneaks under your skin and stays here for ever.

The first remix comes from Ewan Rill. He created a dancefloor friendly version with an uptempo groove. A great bassline pushes his remix forward. On top Ewan placed the original elements like the arped bellsound and spaced out foggy layers. Once again Ewan created a great warming up tune.

The second remix comes from another Russian talent. Igor Hodorenko aka Ri9or makes his debut on the label with an awesome remix. The bassline in this remix just goes deeper then deep and the crispy percussionlines are creating a swinging atmosphere. Together with a dreamy atmosphere with female vocalsnippets and a handfull of rocksolid fx this is a stand out remix.

The third remix comes again from Russia. Ilya Deep turned the original into a movie picture soundtrack from a fairytail movie. Long dreamy, moody soundscapes are bringing you towards the woods and hills with fresh edelweiss flowers and bees playing in the dazzeling sunlight. A perfect track for a sunday afternoon.

The fourth remix comes from the fast rising starduo Silicon Syndicate. They turned the Original into a slow motion psy prog trance track with a haunting atmosphere. This is a monstertrack with a lovely old school flavour build on a devestating groove which shows you each corner of the dancefloor. Now way to hide.

Last remixes comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. Despite his heavy schedule he managed to squeeze out a juicy remix with an uptempo groove. Also here the foggy and dreamy atmosphere of the original has been seized. It is causing a fine blend of styles which leaded to a Prog Tech track with balls.


Release date: April 17th, 2013