LuPS Records presents Spread It Till I Die 009

It’s time for the annual Sampler.
This time the Sampler only features 2 tracks.

The first track on this Sampler comes from Ronny Thymian aka R.T Sunshine. Afte rhis very well received remix of Julian Dep – Forced Signal, Ronny now delivers a fruitfull and very strong Original track.
Mountain Peak is a perfect old school Prog House track with a gorgeous atmosphere and beautifull melodylines. It contains a solid drive and an unmeasurable depth. This is a soulpiercing track which keeps you warm during cold winterdays.
The second track on this sampler comes from Steven Sterk aka Leach aka Miami Void. Moteur Atmospherique is not an average track, but sounds like the good old New beat from the early 90’s. This is a brainfrying track with it’s dark resonating bassline and eerie synthlines.