LuPS Records presents Spread It Till I Die

It is time for a new episode of the  Spread It Till I Die serie on LuPS Records. The yearly Sampler will feature tracks from artist who have had releases on LuPS and artist who will have future releases on LuPS.

First track comes from Anton Soul. His track DayDreamer is a more club orientated Prog House track with a summerish uplifting vibe and a dreamy atmosphere. It contains driving percussionlines, well filtered interludes, magical pads and a catchy well programmed bassline. A perfect track for a sunshinny day on the beach.

The second track comes from the Israelian duo DaR & DoR. Their track Going Nowhere is a sleazy chugging more darker Prog House track with a huge bassline and tight programmed percussionlines and elements. They’ve filled up their track with cool bubbling computernoise fx’s and syntstabs and arplines. This all leads to a druggy atmosphere in which you easily loose your mind.

The third track comes from Dimtris Dagas. After a long tme of abcense he returns to LuPS with a laidback more Deep House orientated track with a lovely, harmonic atmopshere, humming female voices, tiny melodylines and a warm bassline. Another great tune for a sunshinny day.

The fourth track on this Sampler comes from Hansgod. Hailing from France this relative new producer brings a not so average track. A big kickdrum has been combined with a simple warm bold bassline which goes up and down. On top Hansgod placed a snaredrum and a few tiny percussionlines. To finish it of he programmed an very eerie magical pad, arpped bellsounds, backwards voices and a few fx’s. Simple but effective for an afterparty or warming up set.

The fifth track feautures a remix of Lateral Cut Groove aka John Kearns. It is a remix of the previous released track on LuPS from Ilya Gerus – Violent Reaction. The remix kicks of with a very infectious groove which makes this track a more then perfect setstarter. Surely at the point where the bassline kicks in. Then the track instantly grabs you and makes you want to dance. Further more John inserted as a gimmick a catchy voxsnippet. Topnotch remix.

The sixth track comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. It is been a while since he released an original track of his own. For his new original he teamed up with Anne Blouw for a vocal Prog House track. The track starts with a downtempo groove which has been combined with a growling dark bassline and a few driving percussionlines filled up with a synthstab. Half way the track Jacco introduces the first vocallines from Anne on top of a spooky atmosphere. Then towards the breakdown of the track a more mellow and friendly soundscape shows up. The vocals from Anne are enchanting on top of the breakbeats and the magical pads in the background with the growling dark bassline. When the track gets back normal the whole arrangement returns into a easy jazzy sounding Deep House track.

The last track on this Sampler comes from Seamless Beat aka Nick Newman. His track Labyrith is a example of the fact that there are still producers outthere who are able to produce great Prog House tracks like the ones around the year 2000. When Labyrinth would have been made back then it easily could have been selected for the Global Underground mix series by John Digweed. Labyrinth is just one great moviepicture which tells a story from begin to the end. When you like dark, haunting, spooky tracks then this is your pick. Great production.

Release date: May 28th, 2014