Locked Up & Remixed featuring Mariano Pompeo

It is time for the 6th release of the Locked Up & Remixed serie. This time the featured artist is Mariano Pompeo. Hailing from Argentina Mariano brings his more Prog Tech House based sounds.The first remix on this EP is from Deriwer – Speechless. Mariano did a remarkable job here. A steady pumping kickdrum a, crispy percussionloop and a deep dark bassline are setting the pace for what will become an atmopsheric more Trancy track with a deep hypnotic flow and feel. Great remix for those late night hours.

The second remix from Mariano is the previous released track from Analog Effect called Rambutan. With this remix Mariano showcases his ability to create more uplifting and slightly more minimal Tech House tracks with a friendly feel and interesting groove. Great warming up tune.

The third remix on this EP comes from hard working Dr. Avalance. His remix of Mariano’s track ID is a rocksolid one. A chunky blunted groove has been filled up with all sorts of fx’s and synthstabs. Very well and clever programmed and in such a way that it all sounds fluidly and yet raw at the same time. This is a perfect stomper whichs get the crowd moving and to give your dj-set a solid boost.

The fourth remix comes from Novalex. His remix of Mariano Pompeo – Raptor is going deep and a bit dark at the same time. It all sounds very organic and laidback but on the other hand this remix contains a sleazy druggy groove with a breathing trippy atmosphere.

The last track on this EP is the only Original track work. When You Say I Love You is a more downtempo track with a rather crispy percussiongroove and a simple but hypnotizing deep saw bassline. On top Mariano placed a few arped bellpads and a morphed xylophonestab. Together this all leads to rather freaky, druggy tune with a spooky atmosphere.

Release date: November 20th, 2013