Locked Up & Remixed 005 featuring Aggressor

It is time for the 5th chapter of the Locked Up And Remixed serie. This time Aggressor will be put into to spotlight. With a handfull of previous Original releases on LuPS which went down very well at the time it is now time for some fresh new versions.

First up is Snorkle who delivers two versions of Agressor – Timeshifting. His 4 to the floor version contains a pounding steamy groove with a demanding no-nonse vibe and feel. On top you’ll find the spacy synthlayers of the Original combined with a fistfull of new fx’s and sounds.

The second remix of Timeshifting is a rather cool breaks version. Raw like Acid, blunted like Techno and polished as Progressive this remix does have it all. Snorkle proves with this breaks remix that he knows how to take care with broken beats and dirty rocking bass and synthlines.

Last one up for remixing a previous original track from Aggressor is Stanisha. His rework of Outnumbered contains a deep dark atmosphere and a bassline which rocks off the wallpaper. This is steamy, spooky late night hour stuff when the strobs are on and it works like a hurricane which is simply unavoiddable and unstopable.

First remix from Aggressor on this Sampler is from Eiad Sayegh & OllieV – Intactness. The tracks kicks of with a steady groove with a ‘hollow’ sound. All along the way the original elements are getting introduced. Somehow this remix has been kept close to the Original but then drowned into the Aggressor style.

Second remix of Aggressor is from Guido Percich – Frisis. This remix shows the more ambient laidback chilling side of Aggressor. This is a beautifull crafted remix for those lovely warm late night hours. Fragile, touchy and summerish.

Last remix of Aggressor is from Leach – Under My Skin. This remix shows the capabilty of Aggressor in producing proper Prog Breaks tracks with balls. A stunning eerie intro leads into a raw, rocking breaks groove with growling basslines, acidic sounds and boiling synths. This is the perfect setstarter.

 Release date: July 18th, 2012