Locked Up & Remixed 004 featuring Simon Firth

Here is the 4th chapter in the Locked Up & Remixed serie on LuPS Records. This time extremlyhot and  talented producer Simon Firth is on duty. Simon has become a steady and solid producer over the past few years. With 3 Original productions on LuPS, as well as a handfull of remixes he settled his name .

This 4th Locked Up & Remixed  Sampler  does contain 2 new original tracks, 3 remixes from Simon (of previous releases on LuPS) and 3 remixes of other artist of Original Simon Firth tracks. All together this Sampler has become a very interesting release.

There are a few very strong tracks on this Sampler. What to say about the massive remixe from Simon of Kay-D – Without Delusion with its monsterous bassline. Or the Simon Firth Remix of East Cafe – Summer Solstice or the wicked remix of Phasebase – Heavy Machinery. All 3 remixes by Simon do have one thing in common and that they all sound fresh and very up to date .

Besides the remixes of Simon there are  3 other strong remixes. The Tolga Diler remix of Circles contains a heavy weight basslineand a very haunting and demanding groove. The Franzis-D remix of Chaos is deep as an ocean can be and contains a goosebumping sub-bassline.

The remix from Simon Firth Substance is one by Maxi Iborquiza and this is a tiny gem with it’s old school early house approach and feel.

To top it all of there are 2 new tracks on this Sampler. One is called Substance and this track is a try type Simon Firth track. Hanunting bassline, pumping percussion and a demanding groove. The orther original track is called Free and shows that Simon is cappable to create different kind of styles of House. Free contains a laidback groove and some mellow sounds and melodies.