Kris Brown – Reminisce

LuPSrec 080 brings back Kris Brown. His Original is an ode to the good old days of Trance. It contains a lovely upbeat summery feel with some fine Trancy elements and a warm subbassline.

The first remix comes from Greek producer Orelse. He is on fire lately. His remix contains a fine  intro and sounds very up to date because of nice new synth patches which givs his remix a more Tech House feel.

The last remix comes from Franzis-D. His remix contains a deep growling sub-bassline of the original but it has been combined here with a firm kick and crispy percussion. Also Franzis added some vocalsnippets  and fragile bellsound. What makes this remix very special is the way in which Franzis used the Trancy synth elements. He just let them pop up in random order. Very cool remix.