Kloseb – Coloured Wings EP

LuPS its 115th release brings Argentinian producer Klosed aka Emmanuel Buscemi to the surface. Emmanuel delivers a two track EP in Tech House style.
The title track Coloured Wings kicks of with an infectious groove based upon a deep synthstab and very well and clever programmed percussion. All along the track a fistfull of great sequences of solid sythsstabs are getting introduced. This all leads to a wonderfully vibe and feel. As the track builds towards the breakdown big dramatic chords are introduced. This carries the track through a higher lever and solid climax.

The remix of Coloured Wings comes from G ‘N’ P Tauro. This remix has been put together with close precision and confident consiousness. It contains a minimalistic and more moody feel and vibe. It is also darker and more spooky. However the whole arrangement and overall feel is that this remix is eerie and breathing. Somehow it resets your brain. If you like deep chilling and moody Tech House then this should be your picked.

The other Original track on this EP is called Changes. Also this track contains very well and clever programmed percussion. A punchy bassline is pushing the track forwards. Combined with a few freaky synthsounds and synthlayers this track is creating a wierd atmosphere for those late night hours. Somehow the melodielines in the breakdown of this track reminds at Tiga – Sunglasses At Night.

Releasedate: 22nd of August 2012