Kissoff – Silentium

The 208th release on LuPS brings a strong Original from Kissoff. His track Silentium is a soothing, breathing ,chilling, soulffull and relaxing tune with an amazing soundscape and depth. Crispy percussionlines, a warm deep bassline, a repetitive stab, guitarriffs, a piano, a violin and mistique foggy pads are causing a fairytail atmosphere. This is a great setbuilder.

The first remix comes from Sebastian Schetter. His remix has a steady salsa groove on which he placed all sorts of vague synthlines, soundsstabs and pads. The whole remix sounds like a one take recording on lsd or something. Spooky, relaxing oozing. Not an average track but one for those very spaced out late night hours.

The last remix comes from the wellknown duo Napalm & d-phrag. They return to LuPS with a huge more stripped down remix of Silentium. This remix is a more then perfect setstarter as it contains a very well balanced build up with an irresistable groove. From the first note you will be dragged into it and then it doesn’t let you go anymore. All the original ellements like the violin, guitar etc has been replaced on top of the groove to create a breathing and inhaling atmosphere. Top notch remix.

Release date: June 2nd, 2014