Kaya (IRL) – Distanza

LuPSRec 157 brings an Original track from Kaya (IRL) a duo from Coleraine, Ireland, consisting of Charlie Marx & Scott McCann. Their track Distanza is a distinctive crossover between Prog House and Trance and already got broadcasted and supported on BBC Radio 1, BBC Ulster ATL & Radio West Fife.

The tracks kicks of with a subtile pianoplay which has been combined with a deep growling prog breaks bassline. As the track delvelops a huge kickdrum hits the speakers followed up by some fragile pads and eerie arplines. Towards the breakdown Charlie & Scott are managing to build up a fairy gloomy soundscape. Then when the breakdown appears the sounds are getting more raw, tweaked and energetic. This is a huge contrast compared to the start of the track. This is a solid setstarter when you need to play at peaktime hours.

The only remix comes from man of the moment Nanai Pal aka Napalm. His remix is fully the opposite of the original track. Nanai build a perfect rolling groove with a lot of depth and swing. A bold warm bassline is carrying the track very well whilst the crispy percussion does the rest. All along the way Nanai introduces new elements like a new arpline and a fuzzy and distorted filtered guitarriff, which gives this remix a more gritty feel. This is a perfect warming up tune like only Napalm can make them.

Release date: May 22nd, 2013