Kay-D – Without Delusion

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LuPS proudly presents it’s 24th release with no-oneless the one of Hungarians most promising headhonchos of the new wave of Progressive house artists, Kay-D.

Kay-D delivers a rocksolid Original. A refined beatstructure has been combined with a rather pulsating and hypnotising baseline. On top of it all moody synthlines and spaced out stabs and fx’s are combined with beautiful melodylines. This is a sure musthave and once again Kay-D shows us that true progressive never dies.

The first remix comes from another Hungarian talent called Dave Ferol. Also this young rookie is on it’s way to the top. Dave Ferol managed to program a laidback beatpattern which is the backbone of this remix. Combined with a deep baseline and a lot of synths and fx’s which are flying around, this remix became as deep as can be. Very suitable for the afterhours.

Second remix comes from again a Hungarian talent called Silence’O’Phobia. Also he has paved his road for a bright future in the prog-house scene. Well what to say about this remix? SOP squeezed out a rather freaky breakbeat remix that will stuck into your head for days after hearing it for the first time.
The secret of all this lies in the fact that he added a female chopped up vocalsnippet which has been used as a catchy hookline. A big baseline combined with a lot of fx’s are topping this remix of.

The third remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. He kept it close to the original version this time.
Nevertheless Jacco@Work managed to give his remix it’s own twist by adding some dark and spooky male voxsnippets and a new distored arpped melodyline that combines pretty well with the original synthstabs. All on top of driving percussion and beats.

Last remix comes from the Bulgarian progressive house wizards Phonic Deep.
Those guys are really on fire lately and this remix is no exception.
This is true deep Progressive from the heart. Hardly no words can describe what this remix does to your skin, mind, body and heart. This is soulpiercing music. If someone might ask you in the near future what progressive music is all about well then this Phonic Deep remix is the best example to explain. A sure must have!!