Kanov – Synchronization EP

Gordey Tsukanov aka Gosh aka Kanov is no stranger in todays Progressive House scene. With a couple of earlier releases on LuPS he now returns with a two track EP  called Synchronization.

The first track is called Communication. The track kicks of with a firm kickdrum and percussionstructure. When the demanding and pumping bassline drops in you realize that there is no escape. This track justs goes on and on towards a breathtaking break where a gorgeous melody is taking over the energy. Then when it all comes back together the energy returns and  hits you even harder. A peaktime hour track.

The second track is called Synchronization. Also here a firm beat and percussionstructure is the backbone for a big and anticipating ride. A bold but yet hollow bassline is chugging and dragging you into exstacy. Combined with a couple of swirling arps, eerie pads and a handfull of great  sound fx’s this haunting track does it’s job in a proper and straight way. Dancefloor madness.