Kaanturker feat Devrim – Amsterdam Calling

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Kaanturker is back and how? The Original is again a superb production by this Turkish progwizard.
A big baseline driven groove is combined here with a very catchy classic violinsample and cool female vocalsnippets by Devrim. A sure shot.

1st remix comes from Jacco@Work who turned the Original into a more laidback dreamy and moody version based upon a accoustic drumpattern combined with tasty tiny violin snippets and a killer breakdown.

2nd remix comes from Matias Chilano. Steady beats again with crispy percussion and a deep arped baseline. On top of it swirling pads are taking you into higher atmospheres.

3rd remix comes from another Turkish prodigy. Sezer Uysal turned the original into a stomping and steamy piece of prog. Allthough this remix is close to the Original you will find back all the original ellements but in just a different shape and order. Just be sure that you check out another killerbreak. A must have!

4rd remix comes from Swiss duo Sweet&Sour. Well fasten your seatbells when turning on this remix. This remix is like taking a ride in a bewitched rollercoaster. A deep resonating baseline does the job here. On top of it the hypnotic tiny synth stabs puts you into extasy. For sure this remix is a peaktime hour fantasy ride and perhaps Sweet&Sour best remix to date.

Last remix comes from fast rising Bulgarian talent Toppy. In just a few words he created a killer remix. A big pounding baseline with very catchy atmospheric pads and female voices does their work very well. If you like deep well then this is your track for the upcoming months.