Kaan Koray – Relax

LuPSRec 096 brings forth fast upcoming talent from Turkey called Kaan Koray. His Original track Relax is based upon the more classic prog house sound from a decade ago. Big synthstabs with cool delays on it and a classic programmed bassline are the main elements to get back that good old vibe. Combined with some very clever and well programmed percussion this Original track brings back the memory to the stunning tracks from Madoka. a sure shot.

The first remix comes from Snorkle. His remix contains a clubby sound. A simple bassline, some sucking percussionelements and swirling sounds are creating a kind of trippy hypnotic atmosphere that grabs you and doesn’t let you go. This remix is a sure shot when you want your crowd to get lost.

The second remix comes from Erdi Irmak. His remix contains a sleazy groove and is just sa moody as can be. The lovely bellsounds and some new synthlayers are topping it all of in a rather angelic way.

The last remix sees the return of Loquai. Once again his rework is a sureshot. A big groove sets the pace for a true type Loquai track with lushy pads, atmospheric melodies and crispy percussion.

Release date: June 13th, 2012