K Nass – King’s Road

For the 231st release on LuPS Record Karim Nassar signed up. Hailing from Cairo Egypt Karim delivers a rocksolid Original track with a old-school prog house angle and twist. The track contains a crispy driving groove on which karim placed all sorts of flying noise, voices, synthstabs, short arped sounds, growling basslines and tiny bubbling melodylines. It is hard to find a repetitive part in this track as it takes you with you and drowns you into a sort of restless hypnotic state.

The first two remix are coming from Dr. Avalance. His remix contains a more minimal beatstructure and a more darker pronounced bassline. For the rest it is close to the original version and also contians that haunting restless hypnotic feeling.
The Doom Remix just goes even deeper and darker and is making that restless feeling even worser and more druggier. Simon Gomez aka Dr. Avalance added a tweaked raw and dirty sounding acidic bassline to his remix which constantly changes. Besides that he added a few new elements to top it all of.

The third remix comes from T-Dallas. After a period of absence Thanos returns to LuPS for a typical magical more downtempo remix with a mellow fairytail feel. Compared to the original this remix is just oozing depth and relaxation. Smooth pads, friendly melodylines are all there to create a magic atmosphere.

The last remix sees the return of Vlada D’Shake on the label. He delivers a dark, demanding more old-school progressive remix which at the time easily could have been played by John Digweed. Vlada created a classic rhythm structure with a traditional prog bassline and all sort of one stab sounds and flying fx’s and noises. All together this leads to a quality remix which surely appeals to all those die hard prog house fans.