Josel – Himalaya

LuPSRec 091 brings back JOSEL. After his very well received and recently released track Dark Matters he now returns with another soulful track called Himalaya. Once again all the typical JOSEL ingredients are there. Lushy pads, steady crsipy percussion and drive and a warm bassline. Alongside the strong Original 3 solid remixes can be found.

Erdi Irmak his re-interpretation contains a deep moody vibe with some splendid percussion work.

The remix by Franzis-D is a dreamy piece of work which contains some fragile and delicate additional floating melodylines.

Last remix comes from Toppy. He is on fire lately and he proves to be a solid producer with his own unique style. This remix is no exception. It contains a heartbreaking atmosphere with a majestic synthstab (remember D-Note – Shed My Skin) Also he added a few new melodylines which gives this remix a perfect feel and personal touch.