JOSEL – Dark Matters

Release 087 brings back JOSEL to LuPS Records. And how!! JOSEL delivers a very fine and anticipating Original track with captures the true spirit of House.
Dark Matters is the perfect setopener, because this track instantly set the mood from the first note. A deep cool rotating synthstab combined with a heavenly appregioline sets the pace for a moody but yet very danceable track which halfway turns into a monsterous tune when a deep growling bassline gets introduced. When after the breakdown everything gets back together and a new syntline finds it place in the arrangement you know for sure that you have found the best track to start a set with.

First remix comes from Loquai. As well all know you can’t go wrong with Loquai. His remix contains a solid groove and vibe. The original elements has blend very well together with a gorgeous new melodyline that drops in halfway the breakdown. This new melodyline surely will stuck into your head for days and days. A sure shot.

The second remix comes from MISHAlekseev. His remix is a more peaktime hour one with a bumping crispy groove and bassline and some nice filtering and editing.

The last remix comes from Suffused. Here at LuPs we are very pleased that they’ve found some time for doing this remix. Perhaps this is the strongest remix in the release. The Suffused Silence Remix is a more classic Prog-House remix. Long layers of sounds, a warm bassline, a cool female voice and a handfull of dark fx’s is all you need for mindless pleasure.