John D – Thoughts

LuPSRec 154 brings an Original by John D. After his massive remix of T-Dallas –  Before The Midnight, John now delivers a more mellow Progressive track called Thoughts. The track kicks of with a swinging groove and a slappy bassline. Then all along the way John introduces a few dreamy pads and synthlayers and a very cool melodyline which sounds like a dripping watercrane. All together this track is one that needs to be heard a few times because which each listen it starts to grow and then it hits the right spot.

The first remix comes from Turkish duo Burak & Ulas. It is their debut on the label and they are delivering a great remix with a superb drive and atmospheric feel. This remix contains that Turkish prog house flavour with an ethnci feel and laidback swinging precussion.

The other remix comes from Nick Wurzer. Also it his debut on the label. Nick took the darker route in his remix and builded a deep pounding groove with all kinds of tweaked percussion and fx-ed synthstabs, bleeps, soundlayers and long spacey pads. All together this is a very hypnotic remix.

Release date: March 20th, 2013