Jerico – Pianoman

Release 015 comes from Ireland this time. The original of Pianoman is a somewhat wierd and unusual track. Build upon a steady beatloop Jerico shows that he knows how to play the piano. With a deep baseline and some eerie strings this track is a catchy setopener.

The Ali Inzel Remix takes things a bit further. With a stunning intro this remix developing itself into a very danceable piece of prog. With a breathtaking break, where Ali added some great guitarlines have this remix is a sure shot.

Once again LuPS veteran Toppy delivers what can be expeceted from him.
A subtle programmed beatloop has been used to create a backbone for one big adventure into sound. This remix is deep, demanding, emotional and goosebumping. Once heard it won’t let you go.

Viza & Yura Popov are taking a complete different route with their remix. This remix is for the more minimal minded. The rhythmstructure is just ace and the baseline does its work really well. This is minimal with balls.

Last but not least Xplore comes up with a very catchy remix. This remix brings you back to the good old days when Italo was huge.
A steady kick, crispy percussion and arped baseline are combined with the original pianomelody but Xplore managed to add extra synthlines which turns this remix into a sexy Italian nightclub anthem. A sure shot.