Jelly For The Babies – Morning Sex With The Ex

LuPSRec 129 brings an original from Serbian producer Marijan Raskovic aka Jelly For The Babies. His Morning Sex With The Ex track is a sleazy and sexy 120 bpm Deep House track with a gorgeous bassline, lovely eerie pads and soaring spacey synthlines. In other words a perfect track for sex in the morning.

The first remix comes from Peres. He created an even deeper version with a laidback beatstructure and a deep resonanting bassline. Furthermore this remix is close to the Original as it contains all the original samples.

The second remix comes from another Polish producer. Yoonior turned the original into a swirling clubby Deep House track which is a fine and usefull setbuilder for the early evening.

The last remix comes from Matias Chilano. After a period of absence Matias returns to LuPS with a stunning and gorgeous remix. His remix is silkness all over and contains a superb bassline and a sleazy groove with on top all kinds of soothing synthsounds and eerie pads. This is probably the best version to have sex on during the morning.

Releasedate: December 19th, 2012