Javier Fernandez & Mariano Favre – T-Virus

Release 018 contains a groovy track from two talented djs & producers from Santa Fe, Argentina. Mariano Favre and Javier Ferreyra both know what deep progressive is about and they are delivering a catchy tune filled with melodies and nice pads.

New kid on the block at LuPS Records is Daniel M who keeps it close to the Original with his remix. He added a deeper and more techier groove to create a more blunted version.

Pavel Denisov returns to LuPS for a remix. Again he created a more uplfiting prog-trance remix with a catchy but yet grinding baseline. Halfway the track he also added some fine new arppregios which makes this a shinny remix.

Toppy, LuPS master remixer, also laid his hands on T-Virus. And how? Well once again this Bulgarian prodigy created a goosebumping remix with an amazing groove and flow. Right from the start this remix grabs your attention. This remix is a true type example of how to blend original samples with your own unique style. A sure shot.

Last remix comes from Egypt. Hassan Rassmy shows up with a more uptempo remix, which contains a solid groove. A great demanding baseline combined with slick percussion pushes this remix forward. Halfway some swoaring synthlines are introduced to make this remix a great dancefloor gem.