Jacco@Work – Sodium Benzoate

Labelboss Jacco@Work shows up with some new Original work. Sodium Benzoate is a 120 bpm Tech House track with gritty textures, melancholic chords and arps  and a handfull of shimmering fx’s all perfectly blend into a steady dancefloor groove. This track captures the typical Jacco@Work style with it’s acidic touch.

The first remix comes from a new, yet promising producer from Russia, called Smartrunner. His remix is a lovely warm re-interpretation which is a perfect setopener as it instantly sets the mood with it’s warm chords and superb subbass. After you’ve checked out the stunning break you know that this remix is Deep House to the max.

The second remix comes from Greek producer Orelese who is causing some buzz lately. His remix of Sodium Benzoate is a futuristic trip. A solid percussive and ultra crisp groove dominates at this remix. The quirky lead synths easily grabs the attention and grabs the dancefloor with ease.