Jacco@Work & Nicholas van Orton – Argentina Steak

Are you being served?
Well what to say about this occasional team up by Jacco@Work & Nicholas van Orton. It would be best that you get yourself a fork and a sharp knife from the kitchen first before opening up the package. After opening you will find a very juicy and quality piece of musical meat. Bon apetit.

The NvO Aberdeen Angus Mix is just one big piece of quality steak like the famous Aberdeen Angus meat itself.
Built upon the NvO trademark beats, this version drags you into the depths of sounds, together with some rather unsual scratchy catchy fluther elements and a demanding baseline, this version will go down well for sure on the dancefloor.

The Jacco@Work Roodbont Mix is a totally different slice of meat. This version is darker and built upon a deep growling groovy baseline. Furthermore the tracks contains bubbling and swirling arps and of course the usual Jacco@Work acidic edgy sounds and melodies.