Jacco@Work featuring Rez – Helium

Finally release 100 is there. Labelboss Jacco@Work returns to LuPS with an Original track called Helium. Compared with his earlier Original works Helium is far more melodic and atmospheric. The track kicks off with a beatloop filled up with crispy percussion like snappy fingers and sissling hihats. Halfway the build Jacco introduces eerie soundscapes and moody pads which gives the track a melancholic feel. Then when the breakdown appears the track turns into another direction. The vocals from Rez and the new plucked guitarline are creating a more happy atmosphere. Surely when a very catchy buzzing leadline hits the speakers. At that moment the track takes oflike a helium balloon. Alongside this vocal version Jacco@Work also delivered an instrumental version.

The first remix comes from Napalm. He fully turned the remixpackage upside down and sorted out the best usable samples to create a monsterous pumping remix with vocoded leadlines and a devastating Tech House groove. This is a peaktime hour bomb.

The second remix comes from Neel V. He also sorted out the remixpack and took out the best samples and added some new additional synthstabs and fx’s to create a more deeper, sleazy, yet dazzling and moody version with a old school prog house feel.

The last remix comes from Rez. Besides being the vocalist on the Original track Rez also shows that he is capable to produce tracks. His remix is more uptempo and a cool crossover between Old School and Prog House. A deep bumping bassline, a catchy syntstab and driving percussion takes you back to the 90’s when the crowd went crazy on OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down. Not an average remix, but surely a great gimmick.


Release date: May 29th, 2013